Saturday, 28 June 2008

New translation press
and a recommendation

Well behind in the blogging, me. What a couple of weeks! It's been busy but productive: there's a copy-edit, a foreign read and a longer-term copywriting project lined up for Parkbench freelancers. I've had a couple of reviews on, including the superlative Guantanamo by Dorothea Dieckmann.

I went looking for more on Dieckmann, and I didn't find much in English (not being a German reader myself) bar a great review by acquaintance Martin Riker of Dalkey Archive. I did, however, come across a notice about Tim Mohr's being nominated for the Three Percent prize for his translation. Tim Mohr has been raising a lot of eyebrows - my own included, I must admit - as this appears to be his first translation, and it is extremely commendable. Well, ok, the real reason we're all intrigued is that he's a staff editor at Playboy. He is not, however, as Michael Faber and Guardian readers discovered, the writer of Star Trek parodies.

I then had a look around the University of Rochester's Three Percent translation resource website, where new press for literary translation, Open Press, has launched.

And, as it turns out, I'm not alone in admiring parkbenches - although some Dublin benches are more famous than others...