Friday, 8 January 2010

Seasonal Freelance Perk: Snow Days

Parkbench does it in the snow.

No big deal right? Well, it depends. I have a couple of jobs on the go at the moment, and so I'm juggling deadlines. A snow day for my clients is a work day for me; I just put on a wooly jumper and walk down the hall. They're behind, or working away from their servers on laptops or Crackberries, or they managed to get into the office, but the boss didn't, or the production manager didn't, so they're stuck waiting for a signature or a file. They can't get to the post office; the courier's not working.

'Sure', says you, 'but they get a day off, you don't.' Nyeh. I get something better – I get ahead, with no interruptions.

I'll take my snow day when the sun shines some quiet afternoon.